Iraq Massacre interview

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Here is the interview of the independent journalist Rick Rowley who was on the scene very next day where Americans have killed innocent civilians, journalists and children, the interview is conducted by DemocracyNOW.
Showing ignorance towards innocent blood, US central command has announced that they WILL NOT investigate Iraq Massacre. Shame on America.

WikiLeaks: Iraq massacre video

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There is massacre in Iraq done every second but rarely a video is released to the web because "Uncle Sam" doesn't want to repeat the mistakes from Vietnam War.
At the beginning of Vietnam War Americans were ignorant of the fact that how unnecessary the conflict was until they started to see videos and pictures of innocent lives being wasted in name American Imperialism and enforced Democracy. The videos of Vietnam war changed American opinion and forced their policy makers to withdraw from Vietnam.
Fearing that same might happen to their OIL CAMPAIGN, American media in bound by FCC laws to not show any footage of US soldiers engaged with "enemy" without permission from Defense Ministry but thankfully we have neutral internet (comcast hasn't win yet) which makes it very hard to completely censor truth.
Last week WikiLeaks released a video footage of Americans killing civilians, journalists and children. The video has been viewed by millions of people but sadly it hast shaken anyone's heart. Americas war for OIL is raging and Iraq is bleeding, something to think about next time you are filling up your car.
The following video is a full analysis of the Iraq Massacre created by "The Young Turk".

Just when you think that American Imperialism can not get any worse you get stories like US Marines killing pregnant woman...
The story was first broken by a US journalist who was embedded with "allied forces" in Afghanistan. US officials were quick to deny the claims of the journalist and tried to sink his career by calling him a liar but it was only after the release of photos released by the brave journalists that US officials admitted to the killing of the innocent people. Woman were not the only the innocent casualties of Americas rage their husbands were also killed at the same place and who were they? They were local police trained by same US division that "accidentally" killed them.
Shame on us all for letting this happen.

Whose Blood is this ?

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Years into American "war on terror" and still no explanation from USA about why they entered Iraq. The popular answer was that Saddam was creating weapons of mass destruction but that was proven wrong rite, so why the hell is American army still in Iraq. You hear body counts every day on news, so many insurgent killed by US forces most of whom don't even get to know the reason they get killed. According to Americas own report for every one insurgent killed 9 innocents also die.
Now who exactly are those insurgent ? If Russia invades America and US military fails completely...I promise you that there will be thousands of insurgent all over America.
I bring these things up to people not because I sympathies with Iraqis but rather because of my sympathy towards humankind. It scares me how people are so ignorant towards Iraqi Blood but what really amazes is the silence of online Muslim community.
There are millions of Muslim bloggers on the Web but only handful are concerned with the issue that is shaking the world. As a Muslims shame on us all for leting this happen.
This is a sample of what we have done in Iraq and when I say "WE", I mean each and every single human who calls him/herself Muslim. We are equally guilty for Iraq's Blood by keeping our mouths shut.